CSR gives advice about study advisors

CSR gives advice about study advisors

The Central Student Council (CSR) asked the students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to participate in an online survey about their expectations and experiences with study advisors. The goal was to investigate how students value the contact with study advisors and how their guidance can be optimized. The results of this survey are summarized in the document called ‘Memo Studieadvies’.

On the basis of these results the CSR wrote an advisory letter to the Executive Board of the UvA about how the guidance of study advisors can be optimized. Although study advisors on the UvA get an average grade of a 7.2, there is still plenty of room for improvement. UvAsociaal shares this view and we hope that the recommendations made will help optimize the guidance of study advisors. The advisory letter is called ‘Advies CSR Studieadvieurs’ and can be found below.

Advies CSR studieadviseurs                                              Memo Studieadvies

Author: UvA sociaal

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