UvAsociaal is a studentparty passionate about looking after student interest and improving the quality of education at the university. We do this by supplying candidates for the student councils, writing articles, organizing debates & events and a lot more.

In 2005 a group of students decided to create a party to push for a more democratic system wherein students get elected for the student councils because of their viewpoints and capabilities instead of being supplied by one organization.  They based the party’s ideals on 4 concepts:

Freedom: The possibility must exist for students to be able to choose their preferred form of education, in able to learn how to study independently and act as a responsible individual. Restrictions may only be set when sufficient varied forms of education are offered and measures reducing the distinction between high school and the university should be avoided.

Equality: Every student should have equal opportunity to follow the form of education he wants, independent of their financial or social background. Different masters should not ask for different financial contribution. For specific parts certain requirements may be set but only when these are necessary to improve the transfer of knowledge or academic skills.

Quality:  Capable lectures, small practical classes, good infrastructure and courses are necessary to maintain the quality of education and facilities. Courses and programs should connect well to reduce unnecessary delay in study progress. The university also shouldn’t set more requirements for admissions from college level (HBO) students.

Engagement:  Students may ask for engagement from the university and the university may ask the same from the students. An active attitude from students should be rewarded with a challenging and well organized study environment and enthusiastic lecturers. Students should not be treated as consumers, buying a set ‘packet’ of education. They should feel part of a community but also feel responsible for it. In short, a mutual interactive study environment is necessary.

Studying is not only about taking classes, but is also about taking the opportunity to develop yourself further. UvAsociaal believes you should have the possibility to grow by not only studying but by e.g. being an active member of a student association, taking a position of board member or joining a representative organization.

By determining the quality of education by the number of students who complete the study in a certain time frame stands in the way of personal development. This is not only detrimental to the student but society as a whole. Students who only know how to make a test or write an essay, but have never learned to work in a team for an extended time, convey information in an appealing way, or what it is to have multiple responsibilities, will not be as “productive” members of society.

UvAsociaal believes the university is a place where you learn more than just doing what you are told. It is a place where everybody who is capable learns to be self-critical and critical about your environment, to keep challenging the current set opinions to safeguard and further the quality of education.