About us

UvAsociaal is a student party at the University of Amsterdam, whose party program and ideas are based on the four following pillars.


UvAsociaal believes it to be very important that every student feels at home at the University of Amsterdam, irrespective of race, sexual orientation, gender, culture or disabilities. We are satisfied with the report of the Diversity commission because of the emphasis they put on intersectionality. Intersectionality in policy forming at the UvA implies that in thinking about diversity at the university we need to consider intersecting social identities that relate to their own system of oppression, domination or discriminations. We believe that focusing on only one marginalised group is not enough, we have to consider all students and their place at the university. We stand for an inclusive and diverse university, not only in people but also in knowledge.

One of the most important points for UvAsociaal is the accessibility of the university. We mean accessibility in the broadest sense; from the accessibility of buildings for people with a physical disability, to the accessibility of digital educational means, to measures of selectivity for educations tracks. UvAsociaal wants the UvA to be as accessible as possible. To practice selection on the educational track will only further the university in its unintentional (or intentional) quest to become an even more elitist institution. To not fully commit to making the university accessible for students with a disability is just plain wrong. When students with physical disabilities can’t enter bathrooms in brand new buildings, like the Roeterseilandcomplex, progression is long overdue.



One of the greatest challenges facing society is global warming and it would be a shame if the university would not take responsibility for their own contributions to global warming. The UvA has a responsibility to society to try to come up with answers to questions this challenge creates, discuss the changes in society caused by global warming, the battle against it and also lowering the footprint of the university itself.

We believe that budget cuts and the excessive standardization of curricula lead to the dehumanization of student education. The university should give students and teachers more autonomy over the collaborative educational process. Learning and developing oneself, not the ability to take a test, should be the main emphasis. The UvA should not be overly concerned with enforcing a misguided uniformity in students’ lives but rather should nurture individual development and academic community building & engagement internally and externally.


The Board

Chair is mainly responsible to the members. They are the face of the organisation and are the main contact for any external relations, UvA or other organisations.

Vice-chair is responsible for the internal relations. They have contact with the members, council members, and make sure all the committees are running smoothly. When things get busy or the chair is unable to do something, the vice-chair jumps in and takes over important tasks.

Treasurer is in charge of the party’s finances. They play a significant role in deciding the policy of the party, based on what they think are important expenses.

PR/marketing chair is responsible for all of UvAsociaal’s social media. They try to get in touch with publications, and also design materials for the party.

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