Party Program

In order to properly grasp the political and ideological stance of UvAsociaal, it is highly recommended that one should read the party program in full. However, in the case that this is not possible, this summary should give you some insight into our ideology. Each pillar also has action points so you can see what we really want to accomplish.

What do we stand for?



The goal of UvAsociaal is an open university that exists both in theory and practice as a democratic and inclusive community. This community is ideally one based on equity, where accessibility of higher education is and will remain the priority.

We strongly believe it is essential that the university takes its responsibility concerning society and the environment seriously. We hold an obligation to future generations to ensure both social and environmental sustainability. Thus we aim to have a university that is accessible to all, inclusive of all, and contributes to sustainability by limiting the environmental footprint of the university itself and society at large.

The Maagdenhuis occupations had a tremendous impact on the university and student parties. UvAsociaal remains committed to the work done by the three commissions that followed the occupations. After all these years, we still feel there is much to be done regarding these reports. UvAsociaal remains committed to critically reflecting on university governance.

We envision the UvA to have a strong relationship with the society in which it is situated. In order for us to prevent a heightening ivory tower atmosphere, the UvA should ceaselessly reflect on its relationship and relevance to society.

To govern a university is to make choices about the type of organization we wish to be. UvAsociaal stands for an accessible, inclusive, and democratic university, with direct attention given to the causes of sustainability and educator-student autonomy.

Over the past several years there have been changes and policy at the UvA that we see as real progress. However, there are still many changes to be made, and we want to fight for seeing this happen.

Our 4 pillars


We call for the UvA to expand in diversity, making our educational resources accessible and inclusive. No student should feel excluded for the reason that they are different from the “typical” mold of a conventional students.

In the broadest sense, the UvA needs to ensure all students, regardless of their socio-economic background or disability have the ability to study at our University. Buildings, education and support should all be accessible to student.



Sustainability needs to be a key priority for the university when formulating policy. And it should invest in sustainability centred research and education. UvAsociaal believes we must act now, before we experience irreversible damage. Therefore, we call for the UvA to increase its focus on sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. We also call for more parties to join us in implementing the Green Commitment.

We believe that budget cuts and the excessive standardization of curricula lead to the dehumanization of student education. This results in excessive pressure being put on students’ mental health. The university should give students and teachers more autonomy over the collaborative educational process. Learning and developing oneself, not the ability to take a test, should be the main emphasis. The UvA should not be overly concerned with enforcing a misguided uniformity in students’ lives but rather should nurture individual development and academic community building & engagement internally and externally. The covid-19 crisis has also brought a lot of change to the way education is handled which is why ensuring its quality is more paramount than ever.


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